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Outreach Program Directors:

You will need professional communications via an Internet Web site and newsletters to conduct an effective/efficient outreach program.

Why reinvent the wheel? Why go through what we already go through just to collect and keep SBIR/STTR information current on your Web site or in your newsletters? It's a big chore, we know -- we already do it for ourselves. Let us do it for you, too. We can easily duplicate our information on you site (or in your newsletter), in your color and background schemes, instantly making your site more valuable to your SBIR Outreach Program. If needed, we can easily start from scratch and build your own unique, proprietary information and communications resource around our valuable core information up to, and including, a full, secure e-commerce registration facility (for any conferences or events you plan to hold). Such a facility can also facilitate two-way communications, to register your state's SBIR hopeful businesses and, with that database, communicate SBIR information to them as needed (NOTE: we also offer specialized program metrics services for SBIR outreach).

Among the best ways to communicate with your state's SBIR eligible firms is via the Internet (WorldWide Web and content-rich newsletters). It is a rare technology firm that does not make heavy use of e-mail and the World Wide Web. In fact, at most technology firms, the Internet is the communications medium of choice. It has the "I'll do it when its convenient for me" non-interruption features of standard mail and the immediate transfer and response features of a telephone conversation. Even extensive, full color documents can be transferred in near real time with security, transit time and cost features superior to couriers. If you are going to perform a legitimate, cost-effective outreach to the technology firms in your state, you WILL need to make a reasonable effort via the Internet. We can help!

The SBIR Resource CenterTM already operates one of the most important SBIR Web sites on the Internet (you are there now). This is the ONLY PLACE ON EARTH where current, up-to-date information covering all 10 SBIR/STTR agencies can be found in one place. We work diligently to collect and timely post the latest in reliable data for the SBIR /STTR community. This effort results in more than 20,000 visits to our Web site per month. In addition to having nationally recognized, leading SBIR expertise, we also have our own Internet/Web experts on staff as well. In addition to our own, we have worked on/created and maintained such notable Web sites as the NSF's SBIR site, the Wintara, Inc. site, the Miss Maryland (Miss America Program) site, the Response Support Team's site, the L.I.F.E. site and others. We also publish the very popular newsletter SBIR News You Can Use 4 to 6 times a year containing SBIR/STTR information not published anywhere else.

Because we already do all the hard work, it will be quite cost-effective to just have us adapt and complete these tasks for you. We operate "bullet proof", industrial-strength servers connected to three separate Internet backbones at a leading server-farm facility that boasts an 99.9% up time record over the last 5 years. We have plenty of space for your site, and because we will have many sites in the same location, they will all get around-the-clock maintenance attention and very rapid updates. This level of service will help ensure you site's effectiveness in SBIR outreach.

We provide domain registration services, Web page development, Web site hosting, and even focused Web presence & marketing campaigns to bring your site plenty of attention from key clients and other stakeholders. The SBIR Resource CenterTM wants to be your SBIR Outreach partner at all levels, including helping you put your best face forward to those you need to reach. The SBIR Resource CenterTM is here to make your Outreach Program a success. Let us help.


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