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Our new guarantee as stated in the SBIR-ToolKitTM documentation:

This product is designed to aid you, the grant/proposal writer, to easily produce and submit a document that is fully compliant with the requirements of the specific procurement to which it is matched. JADE Research warrants that if you faithfully follow all of the instructions contained in the SBIR-ToolKitTM, SBIR-AdvisorTM and SBIR-FormsTM, then your submission will be compliant and should successfully pass the initial administrative compliance review conducted by the agency. Therefore, if your proposal/grant request is rejected for an administrative noncompliance due to demonstrable error(s) in this product, JADE Research Corporation will refund twice the purchase price plus all shipping, handling and sales tax costs to you upon receiving proof of such rejection and proof of your purchase.

With SBIR-ToolKitTMalong with the SBIR-AdvisorTM and SBIR-FormsTM add-in as your support system, you will develop a better proposal, much faster because you will not have to worry about being thrown out for noncompliance - -


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