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SBIR is the nation's MOST IMPORTANT source of venture financing for small & early stage, tech-based businesses.

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So, why are you still beating around the "VC bush"?


With SBIR & STTR, inventors and small businesses can:

1.      Fund innovative, high risk, early stage projects to start or expand a business
(even the kind no Venture Capitalist in his right mind will consider).

2.      Receive funding quickly -- in as little as 4 months from application
(by the time one creates the necessary business plan then prepares, sets up and makes the presentations and the VC's finish their due diligence, it often takes much longer).

3.      Apply for funding with very little paperwork, time or effort (see the item above)

4.      Retain full ownership of their technology & intellectual property
(and the government MUST keep your project results secret for 4 years)

5.      Retain full equity ownership
(no stock-for-funds requirement -- Government will NOT take a position your board).

6.      Retain cash for operations
(no payback requirements -- EVER -- even if the research is not successful).

7.      Receive additional, active support for business planning, commercialization and private venture capital acquisition, funded by the government at NO COST TO YOU.
(the Govt. only counts it a success for them when your commercial success is realized and will, therefore, work to help SBIR companies to get there).

8.      Establish a bid-advantaged, sole-source marketing position with the world's largest, ready-made customer base -- potentially worth billions to an SBIR firm
(if you want a "cash cow" marketplace, this is it -- SBIR firms legally get UNLIMITED SALES -- for life -- with NO COMPETITION for their SBIR-developed products and services)

9.      Gain credibility with their marketplace and their potential investors
(many angels and VCs now read the business plans from SBIR firms FIRST -- see item above for just one of the reasons why).

10.      Receive real cash revenues, usually paid in advance of the work required
(funding can exceed $1 million per project -- NOT just per company or per year).

NOTE: There are many other powerful reasons (such as SBIR provides ways to protect your intellectuall property from the governemnt itself, or can provide serious andvantages when trying to attract investment capital, etc.); the list is pretty long. Contact us to discover all of the reasons why SBIR/STTR is so important as a financing source.

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