SBIR & STTR Data Search Service*

SBIR-BidDataSM, SBIR-DataSearchSM and SBIR-BidInfoSM

To create a winning SBIR or STTR bid,
you need good technology asessment & market information.

If you

cannot clearly articulate what others have been doing in your technology area, AND how your approach is different from & advantageous over theirs;


cannot clearly articulate who, in Phase III, will buy your SBIR developed product/service AND why they will buy it from you,


cannot convincing explain why it is in the best interest of the agency to fund what you are proposing


you need more, credible, detailed information.

To provide for your proposal/grant request information needs
the SBIR Resource CenterTM now offers:

highly focused market and technology data searches.

SBIR-BidDataSM searches are conducted by professional database librarians who understand and cater to the information needs of the SBIR/STTR bidder. These searches of the world's most important and respected databases* (NOT just the open Internet) will support more compelling contract proposals and grant requests in three of the most critical sections:

      1) Significance of the Problem/Opportunity,
      2) Related Research or R&D, and the
      3) Commercialization Plan.
* NOTE: more than $28,000 per year is spent in maintaining memberships in these databases.

The standard cost of a search, with report, is $875
(fully customized services are also available).

To order this service
fill out & transmit this FORM (click here).


*Offered jointly by IRC (Information Research Corporation) and JADE Research Corporation. 
"SBIR Resources" lead to "SBIR Success"

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