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The SBIR Resource Center® offers:    

  1. low cost, powerful, time-saving tools to aid the user in custom preparation of agency-specific proposals and grant requests,
  2. tutorials to inform/update the user of the many opportunities, challenges and changes found within the SBIR/STTR Programs and
  3. support services to aid in publishing improved proposals/grant requests and for the conduct of SBIR/STTR projects.
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Proposal/Grant Request Preparation Tools  

Success Guarantee.
SBIR-ToolKit TM             Updated ToolKits are now shipping -- to get yours, go to the OrderForm .  
  • Proposal/request management tools save time, $$$ and assure compliance 
  • Custom crafted for each individual procurement by professional proposal managers who are also experts in SBIR/STTR at that target agency.  
SBIR-Forms TM  
  • SBIR-ToolKit TM "add-on" with special SBIR forms management tools 
  • Supports on-screen completion and print file creation of required forms 
SBIR-Advisor TM (NOTE: Advisor is now included in ALL ToolKits)  
  • SBIR-ToolKit TM "add-on" with paragraph-by-paragraph expert consulting/advice and additional time-saving tools 
  • hard to find information/guidance (from past winners and agency personnel) helps to make your application even more compelling 
NEW! Double your money back success guarantee on SBIR-ToolKit TM .
Program Information and Tutorial Resources   SBIR-Guide TM  
  • Database of all you ever wanted to know about the SBIR and STTR Programs, PLUS 
  • Technical and Program contact points at all the agencies, states and libraries, PLUS 
  • Newsletter on program changes & happenings from the National SBIR Conferences 
 (A must if you missed the recent conferences -- don't bid without it.) 

SBIR-Legal TM  

  • Tutorial for helping you to maximize your intellectual property rights. 
  • Two DC patent attorneys lead you through issues - with applicable FARS 
  • General discussions of Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights are also included 
SBIR-Accountant TM  
  • Tutorial for managers/executives newto government contracting 
  • Guidance in formulating your overhead, G&A, etc. for cost proposals 
  • Cogent "how to" and "why" from a Big-6 accounting firm - with relevant FARS & CAS
SBIR-SoleSourceTM  -- information and tools to help your acquire follow-on awards from the Feds without having to compete for them.
SBIR-Smart TM Professional Services SBIR-StrategySM Session -- prepare your firm to pursue US Government contracts & grants

SBIR-BidWatch TM Bid Matching Service
  • Match your technology or area of interest with the thousands of opportunities available each year in the 18 separate SBIR & STTR procurements. 
  • Critically evaluations of project appropriateness, and the potential of proposals/grant requests, for the SBIR/STTR Programs. 

"Hands-on" SBIR Proposal & Project Support

SBIR-LeaderSM Proposal Leader Service -- promotes highest possible chance of winning
  • professional proposal/application leadership (more than metnoring)
  • strategic planning with your team
  • provide tools and resources to facillitate effort
  • set and hold you to schedles
  • define & support writing assignments
  • guide budget development
  • continuous review and edit of sections
  • final assembly and print of application
SBIR-LabSM Proposal Prep Service
  • Work under the direct mentorship of a professional (before and during 3-day Lab)
  • High-tech, small group (5 or less) environment to share expenses
  • Shortest possible application development process for competitive proposals
SBIR-Writer SM -- we translate your documents into a proposal (hourly rate service)

SBIR-Review SM -- three (3) levels of review to polish your application (seriously improves win probabliity)

SBIR-BidData SM -- Professional SBIR/STTR proposal focused data base searches for technical and market information to aid in proposal writing. 

Technical Services -- Direct engineering design and prototype manufacturing support for your project. (more than 400 man years R&D/prototype development experience on-board)
SBIR-Outreach TM Tools & Services Specially designed and packaged tools and services to support states, SBDCs and non-profit SBIR/STTR outreach programs.

"SBIR Resources" lead to "SBIR Success"

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