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PRE-PROPOSAL evaluation of your envisioned project for suitability as an SBIR or STTR project. These evaluations are made by experts in SBIR/STTR business development. Many proposals/grant requests submitted to the SBIR & STTR programs describe projects, or aspire to objectives, which simply ARE NOT APPROPRIATE for these programs. Our experts will consider e-mailed/faxed materials (up to 10 pages, 12 point type 1 inch margins), research the major issues, then conduct an in-depth, strategic planning discussion with you (up to 0.5 hour by phone) to help you evaluate your project's potential for SBIR/STTR funding. If your project can be made appropriate, then recommendations will be made to you along those lines and specific sources of opportunities (specific procurements) will be recommended to you during the discussion. [When ordering, indicate which SBIR agency is your first target (if known).]

Fixed price for this service is $295.


This session is designed to evaluate and prepare your organization for entering the Federal marketplace, including SBIR and STTR. These evaluations are made by experts in federal business development who will consider e-mailed/faxed materials (up to 24 pages, 12 point type 1 inch margins), consider the major issues, then conduct an in-depth, strategic planning discussion (
click here for description) with you (up to a half-day meeting) to help you evaluate your firm's potential as a federal contractor. Although the focus is more business general than technology specific, technologies will be considered in the mix of your firm's resources. Where noted, specific agencies and opportunities (specific procurements) will be recommended to you during the discussion and pursuit planning may be outlined.

Fixed price for this service is $550 each ( $2450 for 5 sessions purchased in bulk) conducted by telephone adn Internet -- add $100 plus travel expenses if conducted in person. Please call to discuss before ordering.


Have your SBIR or STTR application critically reviewed and commented upon by SBIR business development experts at a low, fixed price. This service is provided electronically on a rapid response basis (typically 48 hours). We will sign non-disclosure agreements when necessary. There are two review types to suit your needs:

1) SBIR-QuickLookTM Review is designed primarily as an early "course correction" tool and/or pre-submission compliance check, but is available at any stage. What is provided with the QuickLook is a full SCAN (not read) of the document and up to 1/2 half hour of commentary, by phone, on what our impressions were. No reports are available with this service.

Fixed price of just $295 per review cycle.

2) STANDARD REVIEW: The technical proposal will be read through once and the most important critical comments provided (by phone) via a half-hour follow up discussion. Although available anytime, this one is best used for an "early look" at the basic proposal to get up front advice OR for those proposal teams working on very tight budgets.

Fixed price for this industry standard service is $500 for
SBIR-ToolKitTM users ($600 for non-ToolKit users). Phase II's are priced at $100 more, while Fast-Tracks get agency-specific pricing.

2) DELUXE REVIEW (BEST VALUE: a complete, professional "two-pass" review):
First Pass: Applications are evaluated & scored like agency reviewers -- this score is provided to you.
Second Pass: detailed, redline commentary is added to the proposal text; Cover Page, Summary, Budget forms, third-party letters/commitments, etc. are also reviewed under this service; in many cases the Project Summary is even rewritten for the client. A written report on the findings -- including suggested strategies for application improvement -- is provided along with up to 90 minutes of follow up discussion. Plus, we evaluate your application for its competitiveness using our proprietary checklist and provide those results to you as well. There is nothing like this offered anywhere else in the SBIR industry.

NOTE: The Deluxe Review service now includes up to 30 minutes of telephone consulting (two 15-minute OR three 10-minute sessions) during your proposal's development process to discuss bid strategy and/or to get specific proposal advice. This level of support has proven to be quite sufficient for most SBIR-ToolKitTM users since many hours of expert consulting are already included there. This pre-review, telephone feature is only available when purchased with a TookKit.

Fixed price of just $790 (Phase I) and $990 (Phase II) for our SBIR-ToolKitTM users ($1090 and $1290 for all others). Call for agency specific pricing on Fast-Track applications.


OUR PHILOSOPHY: Proposals are best written by those who have a "fire in the gut" for their concept/technology. These persons include an emotion in their writing that comes across as beleivable commitment to the reviewer. Professional grant/proposal writers (even SBIR experts like ourselves) will automatically "sterilize it" and thus can only produce second-best proposals. So, the ideal combination is for the technology "owner" to write and just employ the professionals to guide, review and edit (this would ideally be the SBIR-ToolKitSM with an SBIR-ReviewSM).

Therefore, this service is especially designed to aid those who either:

A. do not have the time or resources to mount a proposal effort themselves; OR
B. do not have a sufficient command of the English language to write a competitive proposal; OR
C. have little or no experience at writing proposals for government contracts/grants and require extra help.
D. are already late starting and need extra help producing the fastest possible, competetive application.

This service includes:

1) strategic and tactical planning meeting with you to learn about the subject area, meet your team, advise you and to agree upon a compelling bid strategy (usually done across the Internet or telephone and e-mail),
2) setting up and monitoring the proposal development plan and schedule,
3) a customized
SBIR-ToolKitTM for your situation, to help reduce effort and speed up the process
4) developing and assigning specific writing assignments to you (we are NOT the subject matter experts and, therefore, cannot directly "write" your proposal),
5) advising on financial issues and cost estimating (you must do the basics of this, too),
6) managing proposal progress and accomplishing final forms development,
7) integrating, editing and publishing one (1) copy of the final document, including any required forms
8) providing continuous encouraging contact, advice and detail guidance as necessary.

It specifically DOES NOT include 1) any data research for your technology assessment or your business planning, 2) any customer marketing/contact efforts on your behalf, 3) any "from scratch" text or graphics development, 4) any electronic submission tasks or 5) any detail cost estimating (YES, we routinely do those things, but they are not included in this low price -- see SBIR-BidDataTM service below).

Typically this service provides between 50 and 60 hours of leading expertise in SBIR and STTR. That is about $75.00 an hour for the very best SBIR proposal leadership available -- donít expect more for that price.

NOTE: It will not help you to waste any of this time by asking us to perform low productivity tasks that you/your staff can do. The more of our time that is employed to work on strategy, and perform reviewing and final editing of your writing, the better off you will be. If your firm insists on utilizing us this way, any time used doing this kind of work will cost you extra (see the costs for SBIR-WriterSMbelow).

NOTE: Before engaging this service, you should have your homework done, OR be prepared to pay extra for us to help you do it. By homework we mean that you must research and collect the necessary information to allow you to clearly articulate answers to the questions 1) What is the state-of-the-art in your technology (including recent studies and research efforts by others)? and 2) When you commercialize this, who will buy it and why will they buy it from you? You should also be able to produce a high quality bibliography to support your data for these questions. Please: See the SBIR-BidDataTM service listed below.

Fixed price of just $6,000 plus expenses ($7000 if it is your first time with us) plus a success incentive.

This service requires a $1500 success/bonus fee if, and only if, the application is selected for funding (first time or re-submission).


Generally we discourage the customer's use of the term "writer" because rarely are we the subject matter experts (those who must actually research and write most of the proposal sections). So, this service is one where SBIR Resource Center's personnel will "hold the hand" of personnel at the proposing organization (to whatever level is necessary) and provide the very best "non-subject matter expert" strategic advice and personal services support available. Additionally, our proposal experts will write what they can. If desired, we will also take responsibility for final production of the proposal.

The rate for this time intensive service is $250/hour limited to $1,800/day (plus expenses) - - $1000 is the minimum charge on any day we have to leave our office for your work.

This service requires a $2500 success fee if, and only if, the application is selected for funding (first time or re-submission).


A Strategy Meeting, our (Deluxe Review Service and 3 very intense days in our proposal lab will provide you with the absolute fastest and least-effort way to produce a competitive application/proposal. This is a unique approach not provided elsewhere in all of the SBIR/STTR community. Since the Lab is a cross between a service and an event it is listed here for completeness, but the Lab details are discussed here.


(formerly SBIR-Bid MatchSM)

Match your technology, area of interest or industry to the thousands of opportunities available each year in all 18 procurements from all 10 participating SBIR & STTR agencies. The SBIR Resource CenterTM will match up to 8 words or phrases to the full text of each opportunity element in these procurements. When matches ("hits") are detected we manually evaluate it/them for applicability against your business profile to weed out false hits. We then deliver an Opportunity Report that outlines how to take advantage of each procurement that contains likely opportunities for you.

This annual subscription service is offered at just $295.00. Opportunity Reports, when appropriate, will be invoiced at $25.00 each (per procurement - not per opportunity - where one or more matching opportunities are reported).

Get the earliest possible notice of, and professional guidance for connecting with, your SBIR and STTR opportunities for an entire year.

To get started with this service, click HERE to dowload a Flyer and an information form (a 20K PDF file).


Proposal/Grant writers need to provide good, credible, current technology assessment and market information in order to make successful SBIR and STTR bids. Click on the title of this block to get all the details.

Fixed price of just $875 per proposal for SBIR-ToolKitTM users, $975 for others.

Research & Technical Support Services

Direct marketing, design engineering, and manufacturing planning support by our senior professionals is available to support the original customer contact, planning and "hands-on" execution of your project. Our seventeen senior personnel have over 400 man years of high tech R&D experience. Disciplines represented include electrical/electronic, mechanical (structural & machine design), software (several varieties), nuclear, materials, manufacturing, reliability/maintainability and safety engineering.

ISO 9001 and MIL-Q-9858 certified electronic assembly, machine shop and environmental test resources are readily available for prototype development, test and short-run production efforts.

Call the General Manager at (410) 315-8101 between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM eastern standard time to discuss projects and price estimates.


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