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SBIR TutorialsTM and Database Resources

SBIR-GuideTM ($145.00 -- updates are just $50.00)

SBIR-GuideTM is a digital format, key-word searchable library of important SBIR & STTR program information distilled from mountains of government documents gathered by hand, on-line searches and at the National SBIR Conferences. Updates and newsletters are included from each of the last three conferences. This information is gathered and organized by senior R&D program managers and proposal development professionals who personally attend the conferences. This product is for smart bidders who want to keep up with the ever changing world of SBIR and STTR procurements.

SBIR-GuideTM also contains simple, straight forward tutorial explanations of what the SBIR/STTR Programs are and provides full information on how to get involved (get your piece of the pie). Names, addresses and telephone numbers of key personnel & contact points in the SBIR/STTR Program and in your state are included along with general proposal guidance and more.

Original SBIR-GuideTM owners can receive updates (after each National SBIR Conference) for just $50.00.

      NOTE: SBIR-Guide(TM) is a MUST for anyone who has missed the recent National SBIR Conferences. 

SBIR-LegalTM  ($145.00)

SBIR-LegalTM is a complete discussion of processes and procedures for maximizing your intellectual property rights with respect to the SBIR/STTR Programs. Developed by experienced (from both government and industry) Washington, DC patent attorneys, it leads you through the issues of how to secure your rights. The full text of all Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clauses referenced are included on the disk. Also, a general discussion of Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights is included.

NOTE: SBIR-LegalTM is shipped with a voucher for a FREE hour of professional consultation from The Law Offices of Ronald R. Snider when you win your SBIR/STTR contract/grant. 

SBIR-AccountantTM ($ 145.00)

SBIR-AccountantTM provides a manager/executive level tutorial on the financial rights, obligations and responsibilities that are associated with bidding, winning and performing on Federal Government contracts. SBIR-Accountant(TM) was developed by the government accounting practice of KPMG Peat Marwick LLP (a Big-5 accounting firm) to provide useful "how tos" and "whys" for the small business manager new to government contracting. Guides the development of financial/budget structures leading to your overhead, G&A, etc. in cost proposals/budgets. The full texts of all Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) sections and Cost Accounting Standard (CAS) clauses referenced in the tutorial are also included on the distribution disk. Although very helpful for those not familiar with government contract cost accounting, this tutorial is not designed for accountants -- it was developed specifically to guide, and be a handy resource for, project and cost center managers. 

SBIR-SoleSourceTM  ($295.00)

SBIR-SoleSourceTM is a software package that provides detailed information, and useful tools, for acquiring large sole-source, SBIR follow-on awards for SBIR/STTR fims. If you have ever had an SBIR (Phase I or Phase II), please see the information on SBIR-SoleSourceTM product here. You will be VERY GLAD you did.


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