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Outreach Support for the Economic Development Organization

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OK, economic development professional, you now have the funds to do the job. You should know that SBIR/STTR is the most important source of venture funding for inventors and early stage technology firms in the USA. And, we all know that new tech-based firms are not only the future, but that they already account for six times more new jobs and tax revenue growth than any other form of business. So, what are you going to do to help the enterprises in your state or community to become successful under SBIR/STTR?

Did you know that the SBIR Resource Center(R) has an off-the-shelf SBIR Outreach Program just for you? Ranging from counselor training to business development workshops to libraries of low-cost software to hands-on support for both you and your clients, the Center has it all. In fact the Center has just about all there is, anywhere. No one else has developed, tested or offers anything like the custom crafted, agency-specific SBIR/STTR tools and resources currently available from the Center.

Donít go it alone and donít "re-invent the wheel". Instead, just take advantage of the highly refined, remarkably effective tools and fixed-price services available from the national leader in SBIR/STTR resource provisioning since 1994. These tools have helped hundreds to acquire their funding at much less cost and effort than faces the typical applicant. It is clear that reducing the time and cost to apply can help you to encourage even the most hesitant applicant to bid. And, these resources could even help improve your applicantís win rates to well above the norm.

(call to discuss special, reduced pricing)

  1. SBIR-Library -- an annual subscription to our SBIR-ToolKit(R) proposal development software (21 titles per year -- one for each procurement at all of the SBIR agancies) at substantially discounted prices.
  2. SBIR Tutorials Library -- all 3 of our software tutorials can be included into your ToolKit Library at discount prices.
  3. SBIR Outreach Center(R) -- Pre packaged FULL resource set for FAST and other local SBIR outreach programs. Centers are made up of the above two items (ToolKits and Tutorials) PLUS additional eductional documentation & resource lists (SBIR InfoSM) PLUS special training and a "best practices" newsletter specifically for Outreach Center operators.
  4. Other resources specially designed or packaged to support SBIR Outreach Programs
    1. SBIR Web Sites & Newsletters -- registration, development, hosting, marketing, maintenance and distribution
    2. Outcome METRICS for State Outreach Programs -- with progress reports
    3. SBIR-EvalSM -- select the winners from your state
    4. SBIR-BidWatchSM -- find targeted SBIR/STTR opportunities
  5. SBIR-CounselorSM -- training for economic development professionals and SBIR outreach counselors in the use of SBIR as an economic development tool and the "ID, Care & Feeding of SBIR Applicants".
  6. How To Win SBIR FinancingSM -- a highly-acclaimed SBIR business development course for your clients (can be made available at no cost to most non profit organizations).
It should be noted that the above list is NOT EXHAUSTIVE -- there are other items that can be specially packaged, or included in packages, besides just the ones listed above. Call us to discuss the possibilities.

The SBIR Resource Center(R) was requested to specially package these tools and unique service resources by:
  • States (mostly Departments of Economic Development)
  • Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) in many states
  • Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC)and Projects (PTAP)
  • Non-profit organizations with small business support missions.
The Center has responded and now has developed a special brochure and price list available to non-profit organizations with small business support missions. If you qualify, please e-mail us with a request for our "OUTREACH BROCHURE" (be sure to identify your organization and provide us with the Web site address, if it operates one).

WE CAN BE QUITE FLEXIBLE:   Many other products and services such as SBIR-ReviewSM, SBIR-LeaderSM and SBIR-BidWatchSM can be bulk packaged and specially priced for non-profit organizations. Moreover, we can attach, at reduced prices, products like SBIR-GuideTM, SBIR-LegalTM or SBIR-AccountantTM to bulk orders when asked. When ordering any SBIR-OutreachTM, please discuss with us whatever else it is that you want -- our ability to let you "mix and match" can support customized needs while saving you both time and money.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us, our services and and our products.

We look forward to serving you.

Contact the SBIR Resource Center(R) by phone at (410) 315-8101 or E-mail at SBIR@win-sbir.com.


"SBIR Resources" lead to "SBIR Success"

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