(complete database management with data mining and customized progress reports)

Outreach Program Directors,

You need to collect and analyze Program data. The main benefits are:
  1. provide you with true, reliable measures of your Program's performance and the tools that let you continually fine-tune your Program for greatest effectiveness.
  2. provide the solid, third-party evidence of "measurability" that will be required to win future competitive proposals for continued FAST funding from the SBA, and
  3. do it faster and more economical because as the SBIR experts, we are already "tapped into" the requisite information sources.
The SBIR Resource CenterTM can collect and maintain current contact information about your state's SBIR-eligible inventors, small businesses and outreach operations as your own proprietary database. This will be your data, accessible at any time to add/modify information, take internal to your operations, or even move it to another contractor.

From this database, you will be able to track the progress of your state's firms relative to any conferences, meetings or support services you render (as reported by your office). Quarterly reports will be delivered to your office (or any third-parties you authorize) to help you track and report on your outreach operations. The Center will identify and report to you on any firms in your database that attend out-of-state SBIR conferences/training, bid on SBIR's or win Phase I or Phase II funding. When identified, a listing of the support services your office has provided to these firms will also be reported to you.

SPECIAL SERVICES: Most of the tracking information will be gained from public records (SBIR/STTR winners, national & regional SBIR conference attendance lists, etc.) However, when directed by your office, the Center will contact or poll the contacts in your data base to gather information. Also, the Center can put experienced data mining experts to work on your data to develop statistics, trends and to identify anomalies. This can include such studies as developing statistics to report the progress of listed members against specific services provided to allow you to make supportable conclusions about the effectiveness and/or timing of each class of service rendered. Extra services are charged by the hour.

Since this service will be performed for multiple states, the Center will also have the ability to identify and publish "norms" or averages of many measures across the entire set of databases. This will facilitate comparison of a state's performance against the norms. Of course the identities of the other states will be kept confidential from you and your state's identity from them, but having this ability to compare to the norms should prove to be very valuable to you.

WORLD CLASS SUPPORT: To assure you of the finest in support, we have teamed with the IIT Research Institute (IITRI), a world-class information technologies organization, to handle the details of database management, manipulation and data mining. The SBIR Resource CenterTM will oversee your project and provide the SBIR/STTR expertise to the process. With seven (7) years of excellence as the nation's leading commercial SBIR/STTR support provider, the Center has developed the depth of experience and the fully tested, highly-acclaimed products and services to do it right…the first time. The SBIR Resource CenterTM is here to make your Outreach Program a success.

PRICING: A database with up to 5000 individual records can be developed for $7000 and maintained at a fixed cost of just $4800 annually (less than a dollar a record per year). Additional names will cost $1000 set up and just $800/year maintenance per 1000 records. Extra services will be invoiced as used (typically at $75 - $95/hour).


"SBIR Resources" lead to "SBIR Success"

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