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"We could not have done the writing of the grant without the software from your company. We were very happy with our finished proposal to the USDA and we highly recommend the software to other parties. It was a bargain at the price you charge; professional grant writers in our city wanted thousands of dollars to help us. I would tell other parties, 'buy the software and other products' -- worth every dollar of it.”

-- Gary Burton, Pan World Aeroponics  

"This is a significant service to the SBIR community."
-- a government SBIR program official 

"Best $200 I've spent to date."
-- W. Kelly Borsum, DASCOR  

"The Toolkit is extremely well done. I wish I had known about it several months ago when I started my application. I completed the application the old fashioned way - I read the solicitation instructions several times and made numerous calls to the agency. In other words, had I used the Toolkit at the start I would have saved hundreds of hours. The Toolkit has [also] clarified some questions I have had regarding my application, particularly the budget. I feel more comfortable about the accuracy of my application now that I have used the Toolkit."
-- David Cull, MD, Vascular Innovations, Inc.

"I believe your software (SBIR-ToolKit™) saved us at least half of the normal effort on our proposal."
-- Solomon Mowshowitz, Ph.D.,VP Development, PsychoGenics, Inc.

"Without your software we wouldn't even have had a chance to qualify for an SBIR grant, let alone compete. Your software made it possible for both Dave and me to understand the process in a short period of time, AND write a credible proposal. Your 76 page outline document in particular was fantastic because it enabled us to understand "how" we were to go about this.

Also, your fresh eyes in looking at our proposal was critical so we could separate the forest from the trees. You forced us to look at this proposal from the reviewers eyes, and not from our own point-of-view. Issues and knowledge we took for granted were not mentioned in the proposal, until you brought clarity. It was these very items we wanted to convey to the reviewers.

I haven't said this of any other vendor, but I'm looking forward to paying your bill.
-- Joseph Whitmore, CTO, Formatta Corporation

"I would like to inform you that our first SBIR proposal was a winner! Many thanks for the tips and software you gave us. We were told by the US Air Force that 15 proposals were submitted to them for this topic and we were the winners. Roger Halls, who attended the course with me, sends his best as well. Thanks for your help."
-- David Tyler, TYX Corporation 

"Your guidance was hugely valuable. We have won 4 Phase I's (now in the middle of 3 of them) and one Phase II.  Haven't lost any yet."
-- Bob Slapnik, HBGary, Inc.

"It really did a very nice job for us . . . It saved us a lot of time."
-- Lufti Shedraway, SCCI Software, Inc.
"The ToolKits are great! Just getting their information on what content to put in what places in the proposal is worth the price of admission."
-- Robert D. Pritchard, Ph.D., Behavioral Tools

"John Davis is the SBIR proposal consultant who provides detailed proposal content and strategy advice. He provides valuable software tools that can really help save time and resources when writing, and he also provides in depth proposal review and consultation." (emphasis added)
-- Robert Brooke, VA Center for Innovative Technology (CIT)

"I appreciate our talks and your software. You have done an excellent job of teasing out what is important and putting details into an outline that is very easy to follow and comprehensive." (emphasis added)
-- Vivian Lauderdale, SciBiz Services, LLC

"I found your company because my company lost a Phase II solicitation to a company that used your software and services . . . would like to do what we can to improve our odds of being funded."
-- Scott Means, Enterprise Web Machines

". . . really glad we got it . . . purchased only a few weeks before closing date and thought we'd be lucky to do just one proposal, but it was so simple, quick and easy that we actually did three . . . will definitely buy it again next time."
-- Robert Michael, Gamma A Technologies, Inc. 

"The ToolKits are great! Just getting their information on what content to put in what places in the proposal is worth the price of admission."
-- Robert D. Pritchard, Ph.D., Behavioral Tools

"I am using your software and I like it very much. I think you did good job to summerize the reviewer's points of view. It saves me a lot of time. I feel my proposal is presented much better now by taking your advice. Thank you!"
-- Xiaohong Gu, Sr. Biomedical Researcher 

"Very happy with it . . . the software was extremely easy to use . . . the embedded guidance and advice was just perfect."
-- Arthur G. Cave, System Solutions, Inc. 
"I got more out of the workshop than I expected and exactly what I needed."
-- A. D'Ambrosia, Marketing Consultant  
"Thanks.  Right off the bat let me thank you for an excellent job. You did an impressive job scoring, editing, and commenting [the proposal].  The money spent was well worth it."
-- Randy Caldejon, CEO, VG Labs  
"This software has a lot of functionality for the price."
-- Charles Gartrell, Futron, Inc. 
"First, let me thank you for an excellent seminar. I know we all came away very "pumped" and "ready to rock." I was [previously] involved in a successful SBIR but [with new course info] am treating this as new day and new approach"
-- Alfred Rordame, Frontier Geosciencs, Inc. 
"We have used your software to prepare four proposals ... your software was of significant value in preparing our proposals, and we were pleased with the end product ... based on our experience we would recommend your software to others and we will use your products in our future proposals."
-- Jerry D. Norris, President, Battlespace, Inc. 
Excerpt from a letter sent by client to a state official (not in our state): ". . . was a key factor in our current successful SBIR, providing most helpful review . . . is timely, professional, competitive in the provision of services and is a proven performer."
-- Alan Felton, CEO, Felton Medical, Inc. 
". . . you have done a really good job here ... I think you deserve some commission once I get the system operational. You have allowed me to step outside the immediate unit to focus on overall concept and how it relates to the marketplace and the industry. Thanks for a job well done." --
-- Steve Vayda, Energy Associates, Inc.

From a letter to one of her collegues: "The SBIR Resource Center offers very comprehensive services and products.  They are also affordable.  For $800, a company can buy an up-to-date template for any solicitation that guarantees that their application will be compliant, and also get a no-nonsense proposal review.  The idea is to get the company to write the proposal, not have a consultant do the writing."
-- Morgan Allyn, Director, MD Minority SBIR Initiative and MD FAST Program

"We have found your Web site to be an excellent resource for the same target audience we serve, emerging-growth businesses. . . . The Edward Lowe Foundation's site carries a substantial collection links that we have researched, chosen, abstracted, and categorized . . . our users perceive it (Hailed Sites) to be a "best of the best" collection that streamlines the research process for time-pressed business owners and managers. . . . We recognize your site to be a quality source of information for the emerging-growth segment of the entrepreneurial community and we would like to continue to include it in Hailed Sites."
--Rita Fox Pusey, Edward Lowe Foundation

"I'm amazed that we won our first one (SBIR proposal); we could not have done it without your tools and support ..."
-- Bill Golladay, Yaros Communications
"We used your software to submit both an SBIR and an STTR grant application to the NIH. The programs were extremely helpful and, once we got into the swing of things with the first application, we were able to prepare the second application over a weekend."
-- Barry Driekorn, Ph.D., ComChem Technologies, Inc.
          Then, 8 months later, we received:      
"ComChem Technologies has just been awarded an STTR grant from the NCI for about $450,000. Your software was a great help."
-- Barry Dreikorn, ComChem Technologies, Inc.
"I've been telling everyone who will listen to buy your software."
-- Vivan Lauderdale, Proposal Consultant
"Feedback from the workshop (How To Win SBIR Financing) participants was very positive and they found all knowledge received to be very useful for them."
-- Nora Campos, University of Puerto Rico 

" . . . I was a government evaluator of SBIR proposals for 5 years and I still found your course to be most worthwhile . . . submitted 2 proposals and they looked pretty good . . . your SBIR-AdvisorTM software was lots of help - I looked at it many times in the last hours."
--Richard J. Feldmann, Genome Dynamics, Inc. 

"Thank you so much. I purchased your software in July, and submitted an ARMY BID for the August solicitation. We have been informed that we won a $70K grant. Since this was our first SBIR bid, your guide was key in getting our creative thoughts down on paper, and turning it into a well structured BID."
-- Dr. Yechezkal Gutfreund, Chief Scientist, Kesser Technical Group 
           and for their Phase II we received: "Firstly, Thank you. With your help we have now been informed that our proposal has been selected for Phase II funding. . . . We would like to know your services and billing rates for consulting . . ."
-- Dr. Yechezkal Gutfreund, Chief Scientist, Kesser Technical Group

"We submitted our grant application to NIH for August 1 deadline. The review was very helpful, we think we were able to use all of your suggestions and comments. "
-- Tatyana Babkeva, Lintech Company

"Your Kit was quite helpful and insightful to navigate the daunting SBIR proposal process. It did make the process easier to tackle, and the suggestions throughout the outline structure served as an excellent guide. I particularly liked the idea of providing Hints, Rules and Advice."
-- Cary Baskin, Baskin Consulting Group 

" . . . what a great help your products and services were ... SBIR-ToolKitTM saved us time . . . SBIR-AdvisorTM gave much needed advice vital to this process . . . your proposal review gave us that added "punch" needed to come out on top in the SBIR game . . . money spent was well worth the end product . . . would recommend JADE Research Corporation's products and services to anyone involved in SBIR who wants to WIN."
-- Brennan C. Swain, The Face Companies 

etc., etc., etc. (well, you get the idea). Call us <410-315-8101> if you need to see more.

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