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Q: Are SBIR-SoftTM programs hard to install?

A: No, there is NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED because they are just pre-developed templates/files designed to work with (be accessed from) your already installed word processor and/or spread sheet and/or graphics programs. 

Q: Are SBIR-SoftTM programs difficult to use? Is there a training/tutorial program for them?

A: NO, THERE IS NOTHING TECHNICAL TO LEARN (assuming you know how to use your own software). The user simply pops the disk into the computer, opens his/her own software program and then uses that to open, manipulate and print the files on the distribution diskette. 

Q: Which Word Processors will SBIR-SoftTM programs work with?

A: Virtually any MS DOS(R) or Windows(R) (3.1, 95 or 98) program purchased in the past ten years such as WORD, Word Perfect, AmiPro, MacWrite, ClarisWorks, etc.. We know of none that cannot use these products/files. 

Q: Which Spreadsheet Programs will they work with?

A: Virtually any spreadsheet program purchased in the past ten years such as Excel, Lotus 123, QuattroPro, Claris Works, etc. We know of none that cannot use these files. 

Q: Which Graphics Programs will the forms work with?

A: GOOD NEWS -- the forms now work directly with your word processor; no need for graphics programs. Or, if you still prefer to work with graphic formats ( PCX, BMP, GIF, TIFF, etc.), we can easily make these available for most graphic/paint/photo edit programs.

Q: What is SBIR-ToolKitTM?              (NOTE: SBIR-Advisor is now included in EVERY ToolKit)

A: A set of pre-formatted proposal files specifically designed for use with your already installed word processor and spreadsheet software. This software, which has a TurboTax(R)-like concept, is custom designed specifically to make you/your firm comply with each individual agency's SBIR/STTR proposal preparation requirements (this is NOT a general "how-to" product but a tool for easy, rapid and fully compliant proposal development responsive to a specific solicitation). It features:

  • completely pre-formatted word processor template with internal paragraph by paragraph guidance for planning, creating, packaging and delivering the technical proposal/grant request for a given agency/procurement (must specify agency and procurement number when ordering -- each is different).

  • pre-formatted spread sheet templates for properly planning the project, estimating the project costs and creating the cost proposal/project budget data required (for some agencies, the completed cost/budget proposal submission can even be directly printed out from the spreadsheet when the cost estimating is done).
The ToolKit saves many hours of procurement package study and all of that "going-back to the package" to find and re-read the requirements which has been necessary for publishing compliant proposals/grant requests (minimum of 8-12 hours savings estimated by our experts). It also allows the easy, seamless hand-off of writing tasks to other team members and final publication tasks to administrative staff. But, most importantly it allows the writer to focus his time and energy on presenting the technology/idea in its best light without having to worry about the administrative details.

Q: What is SBIR-AdvisorTM?              (NOTE: SBIR-Advisor is now included in EVERY ToolKit)

A: An "add-on" option for SBIR-ToolKitTM that integrates (on a paragraph by paragraph basis) powerful consulting advice from the professionals to help you create more compelling proposals and grant requests. Also included is important bid information gathered from recent SBIR winners, SBIR conferences and from government personnel that is NOT in the solicitation package. As an example: on one procurement our customers were able to compliantly submit 26 pages (vs. 25) because of such information uncovered by JADE Research -- after subtracting the forms and boilerplate that's a nearly 5% technical proposal space advantage over the competition). 

Q: What is SBIR-FormsTM?

A: An "add-on" option for SBIR-ToolKitTM that supports on-screen forms completion and printout via computer rather than the old fashioned, time consuming way (by typewriter). Electronic versions of the required forms are included in separate files on the distribution disk. SBIR-FormsTM is only available for those procurements with "heavy" forms requirements (PHS/NIH, NSF, USDA and DOE) and is sometimes a required element of SBIR-ToolKitTM for those procurements with "special" electronic submission requirements like NASA.

This feature requires the user to have printer capable of 300 dpi, or better.

Q: Why does the license expire the day my application is due?

A: Each agency changes its rules/forms/formats with every cycle. Thus, if we let you use this year's software next year, your application would most likely be judged as "non-compliant" and not be reviewed by the government.  This measure protects us both from this potential problem.

Q: What is SBIR-LegalTM?

A: Word processor files for use with your word processor software. These files include a DC Patent Law firm's guidance for maximizing your intellectual property rights and for minimizing the government's (especially important if the government will likely be a major customer of your Phase III products/services). Included on this disk are the full texts of all the FARS referenced in the main program. As a bonus, a very useful discussion of how to avoid patent, copyright and trademark problems is now included as well. 

Q: What is SBIR-AccountantTM?

A: Word processor files for use with your word processor software. These files include the best tutorial we've ever seen for helping the manager to understand what will happen to the way he will have to conduct his business when he wins any government contract (not just an SBIR/STTR) for services. Developed by the Government Practice of KPMG Peat Marwick, LLP, it also includes, in separate files on disk, the full text of all FARS and CAS provisions referenced in the tutorial. 

Q: What is SBIR-GuideTM?

A: Word processed files that are easily accessed with your own word processor software. These files make up a digitally searchable data base of information about the most important aspects of the SBIR and STTR Programs. This product focuses on three primary areas:
  • An orientation featuring published papers and talk/presentation slides thoroughly explaining the basics of the SBIR and STTR programs, why they are so important to the small business' long term strategy and generally how to "play".
  • Detailed marketing information about:
    • all of the agencies including their missions as well as the names, addresses and resumes of the primary contact points at each one,
    • PLUS local SBIR support resources available to you free, listed on a state by state basis,
    • PLUS important data developed from extensive on-line searches,
    • PLUS numerous government/Internet and bulletin board sources of technical data,
    • PLUS advice on marketing to the program, picking proposal/grant request targets, and generic direction for preparing SBIR proposals,
    • PLUS etc., etc., etc. -- all you ever wanted to know about the SBIR and STTR programs.
  • Current updates on major program changes at all agencies, includes agendas of, and news reports on, the important events and information gathered from the most recent SBIR Conferences.
SBIR-GuideTM is UPDATED THREE TIMES A YEAR (after each National SBIR Conference).


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The SBIR Resource CenterTM has been the leading provider of business development resources to the SBIR and STTR communities since 1994. 
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