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  • We are Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited with an A+ rating

  • We attend ALL of the National SBIR Conferences each year (every one since 1993):
    • Invited Speaker on "Preparing Competitive Proposals"
    • Official table/display in the one-on-one sessions since 1997
    • Provided presentations and/or workshops at most of the National SBIR Conferences since 2000
  • We also attend, and often make formal presentations at, many other regional SBIR conferences and workshops put on by various agencies, states and institutions of higher education.

  • We receive and STUDY every SBIR & STTR procurement package from every agency each year.

  • All of the Center's work is guided/checked by a REAL research scientist and a Senior C-Level executive (COO, CEO) -- these are REAL "been there/done that" people.

  • Our 17 associates have over 300 man-years of successful proposal management experience, and we stay up-to-date through active membership in the Association of Proposal Management Professionals .

  • We create proposal templates ( SBIR-ToolKitTM ), electronic forms ( SBIR-FormsTM ) and detailed, customized guidance ( SBIR-AdvisorTM ) products customized for EACH of the SBIR & STTR procurements each year -- this makes us the ONLY firm in the entire nation working at this detailed level of expertise for ALL SBIR agencies.

  • We are the creators and maintainers of the single most useful SBIR/STTR general tutorial, data base, and newsletter product ( SBIR-GuideTM ) available anywhere in the SBIR community.

  • We are the creators and publishers of the very popular electronic newsletter "SBIR News You Can Use" which is published infrequently (only when we have something to say different from the others).
    If you are not receiving your copy, just e-mail us to request your FREE subscription.

  • We are the ONLY source of professionally developed tutorial products covering the legal and financial/accounting issues surrounding the SBIR and STTR Programs ( SBIR-LegalTM and SBIR-AccountantTM ).

  • We are the ONLY source of SBIR-BidWatchSM, the only bid opportunity matching service covering ALL procurements from the SBIR and STTR programs.

  • We developed and now provide the highly acclaimed How To Win SBIR FinancingSM workshop at least 12 times a year for various states and small business support organizations around the country -- can we put one on (at no cost to nonprofits) for your group?

  • We developed and present the runaway hit SBIR MaxSM workshop at least 4 times a year to help SBIR/STTR award winners transition their technologies into Phase III commercialization successfully.

  • We developed and present the only SBIR CounselorSM workshop a for local economic development professionals to help them sucessfully deal with potential SBIR applicants.

  • We created and continue to operate the single most useful Internet site for the SBIR/STTR community (this site -- the one you are viewing now) with current, up-to-date SBIR/STTR program news, schedules, related hot links, a reading library, etc. as a free service to the community.

  • The State of Maryland has contracted with us to provide SBIR/STTR products, tutorials and direct consulting services to qualified MD firms (paid for/underwritten by the state).  Several states/organizations have purchased, and are successfully employing, a library of our products to support their small business clients.

  • We have placed 26 of our turnkey SBIR Outreach CentersTM in 6 states. Through these we extend our expertise and positive impact to an additional several hundred SBIR/STTR applicants annually. These Centers provide states with a strong capability for sustainable, local SBIR outreach to thier small firms. We are the ONLY provider of such local support systems in the USA.

  • We have been approved as an "SBIR/STTR Service Provider" (products and services can be state funded) by the states of Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

  • Several other states have asked about and are considering similar underwriting of the direct involvement by JADE Research in helping to improve their local SBIR/STTR bid performance.

  • Hot links to our World Wide Web page are carried on the SBIR Web pages of several federal agencies (the ONLY commercial SBIR resources site to be so recognized).

  • JADE Research Corporation has been widely recognized within the SBIR/STTR community as the leading provider of business development resources since 1994.

"SBIR Resources" lead to "SBIR Success"

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  SBIR Resource Center is a BBB Accredited Management Consultant

The leading provider of award acquisition resources to the SBIR and STTR communities since 1994.  
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