You are in control - - you will either like what you pay, or you'll just pay what you like.

We offer a money back guarantee that you will get your money's worth.


Here you will receive vital, practical, actionable information NOT FOUND in the other workshops including new ways of thinking about SBIR/STTR, new and useful bid strategies, and many different means of evoking positive responses in application reviewers -- the keys to winning SBIR/STTR financing.

If you believe that we have wasted your time, or somehow not received your money's worth* by attending this workshop, we will reimburse as much of your tuition as you believe to be fair. If requested, refunds will be provided up to 100% of the tuition paid. To receive a refund, you must articulate why you believe such is appropriate and request a refund amount within 72 hours of the event (in writing).

We offer this guarantee even if you have attended some other SBIR workshop or conference recently -- THIS EVENT IS THAT DIFFERENT; we will not waste your time.

* NOTE: Two universities have evaluated this workshop and both argue that it's value is in the $500 to $600 range.


NOTE: We do not, and cannot, guarantee that the SBIR/STTR Programs will be right for you or your firm. If you attend, use up a seat that others could have had, and then discover that you don't want to pursue SBIR, that will not be deemed sufficient reason to receive a refund under this guarantee. In fact, that would be a very valuable outcome for you to learn that you should not waste time/energy pursuing something you cannot catch -- about 1 in 6 attendees do learn this in our workshops. Also, the food and facilities are not included in this guarantee -- your portion of whatever these cost us will not be refunded.


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