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A Full System of ResourcesTo Support Local SBIR Outreach Efforts

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An SBIR Outreach CenterTM


* SBIR-ToolKitTM Library
   (15 titles -- one for each SBIR solicitation from each agency)

* SBIR-TutorialTM Library
   (3 titles -- SBIR-LegalTM, SBIR AccountantTM and SBIR-GuideTM)

* The SBIR-PractitionerSM Newsletter
   (designed to dissiminate "best practices" among the Outreach Centers)  

* Toll Free Telephone # for "Real-time" Counselor Support

* Government Reference Package
  1. RFPs/RFAs
  2. Conference Proceedings
  3. Agency Advertising Materials
  4. Etc.
* SBIR Center Reference Package

  1. Contact Points
  2. SBIR/STTR Schedules
  3. Checklists
  4. Handouts
  5. Etc.
* Available Supplementary Resources:

  1. STTR-ToolKitTM Library (5 STTR titles)
  2. How To Win SBIR Financing SM Workshop
  3. SBIR-CounselorSMWorkshop
  4. Outreach Center Operator Training
  5. ToolKit Stock (may be used to self-fund operations)
  6. Reduced Cost Access to Services
  7. SBIR-ConsultantTM on call
  8. Outcome Metrics Service
  9. Etc.


"SBIR Resources" lead to "SBIR Success"

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