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Since SBIR and STTR are really long-term economic development programs (not just short term-research programs), the more stable, serious and capable the applicant appears to be, the better the government will trust that the money will not be wasted (a common problem in SBIR/STTR) if an award is made. This goes a long way toward making reviewers and managers more comfortable with your application. Offering a proven, operating federal cost accounting system not only makes any applicant appear more reliable, but also trustworthy as a federal contractor, and will assure audit success (a requirement) when entering Phase II. In other words you'll look like you are really prepared for the long-haul and going somewhere to them.

So, in both Phase I and Phase II proposals, offering this "upgrade" from the usual, pedestrian offerings will surely differentiate yours from your competition. And, you need not pay a cent unless/until you win the award; then, you can likely use federal funds to pay for all/offset most of the very low cost of installing and using the system.

When you sign up for the SBIR Special accounting package a formal letter of commitment from PROCAS, and special proposal language crafted for you by the SBIR Center, will be provided for use in developing your application. But, you pay nothing until you win an award.

NOTE: The steeply discounted prices and special proposal helps end when a follow-on Phase II or Phase III is awarded, or after 12-months of use; whichever occurs first. Then, of course you may continue to use PROCAS at full price (still a great deal) with no installation charges, and have your customers pay for it via your indirect cost pools.

NOTE: You dare not abstain from offering such an approach since your competition may be proposing similar arguments (especially the venture-backed applicants).

NOTE: Other such proven DCAA auditable systems will cost you much, much more and often require cash commitments up front in order to bid them. Using this SBIR Center/PROCAS approach is, by far, your most attractive alternative (the reviewers will likely recognize this and perceive you to be a very smart entrepreneur).

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More detailed information on the provider can be found on the PROCAS Website
(the SBIR Center is not responsible for that content), but the SBIR Special can only be accessed through the SBIR Center.

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