Grants.Gov and the SBIR-ToolKitTM

Grants.Gov is an Internet facility for submitting Grant request applications to the Federal Government. It is the result of a multi-agency effort lead by the NIH. Thus, it has many earmarks of how business is done at NIH as the main/standard approach. Other agencies, to adjust to their needs, more or less have to provide instructions that either modify, or even refute, the standard instructions for submission there. Understanding this can be key to understanding some of the instructions provided by the various agencies.

Grants.Gov operates by having the applicant download (for free) an active software package, know as the “PureEdge(TM) Viewer” that is core to the submission process. This software package must be installed, and kept up to date, in order to submit applications. On the applicants computer, this software collects, packages, checks and passes application data along to Grants.Gov semi-automatically. In effect it can be likened to a Christmas tree where the applicant attaches ornaments (files with application data in them) to the tree -- similar in fashion to attaching files to an e-mail. Once the tree is fully decorated (all files properly attached), the software can be commanded to connect with Grants.Gov and submit the entire batch (all of the ornaments/files) for processing and evaluation. Grants .Gov electronically concatenates and assembles the files into a complete “grant image” and evaluates them to determine if basic parameters (page limits and such) are met. If the image passes all tests, it is passee on to the agency identified by the solicitation package.

A solicitation package (special file in PureEdge format) must also be downloaded that not only identifies the solicitation, but provides the application instructions and system structure (Christmas tree) upon which the files (ornaments) are attached. Each solicitation has its own unique package of instructions, forms and requirements.

The SBIR-ToolKitTM for applications submitted to Grants.Gov is designed to facilitate the preparation and fully compliant development each and every one of the ornaments (files). These packages are custom crafted (solicitation specific) and designed to help applicants present fully compliant, competitive applications while saving many hours (at least 24) of frustration and effort. Each ToolKit dovetails perfectly with the PureEdge viewer (Government software) which, in turn, is supposed to dovetail perfectly with Grants.Gov (Government Website) which theoretically dovetails perfectly with the Government agency offering the opportunity.

SBIR ToolKitTMs are called that (a "Kit") because they have from 35 to more than 70 (for some solicitations) files -- each with a specific purpose. Some are like proposal templates while others are tools to develop indirect cost rates, cost estimates, research plans or provide IMPORTANT and relevant information not found in the common literature. Taken together, they offer even the true SBIR/STTR expert a time savings worth far more (if you time is worth at least $15/hour) than the meager cost of a ToolKit ($250 - $315). AND, there is no risk to purchasing one since we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we do (training, consulting, software, etc.). Can we get one to you to help you submit a better application via Grants.Gov? If so, just go to our secure order form and purchase one and we will get it off to you forthwith.


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