A typical SBIR-ToolKitTM contains a carefully developed set of somewhere betwen 35 and 55 files, depending on the agency and specific solicitation requirements.

Some of the Tools in an SBIR-ToolKitTM could also be called "resources" or "aids" or sometimes just important "information", but according to the Merriam Webster college Dictionary, they are properly called "tools":

          "tool\ a: something used in performing an operation (as an instrument or apparatus)
          or necessary for the performance of a profession or vocation (a scholars books
           are his tools); b: a means to an end."

Now either, or both, of those are fitting descriptions of many elements within the SBIR-ToolKitSMs. There are and, in those ToolKits that include SBIR-Froms(TM), there are Tools to help you save time, energy and frustration in filling out, submitting and storing compliant electronic versions of the required boiler plate and budget forms; etc. etc. etc.

In addition to the Tools, professional SBIR/STTR expert proposal advice is found throughout every ToolKit. Even if you are an expert yourself, it never hurts to get a second opinion and the ToolKit's Tools will save even you 24 to 40 hours of effort.

As to there being some flaws within them, we will admit to occasional spelling and English errors (we try, but are more focused on loading up the ToolKits with accurate, useful information and advice. The value found in our ToolKits by most customers is so enormous, and the result so profound on their applications, that they do not seem to mind the little stuff.

As for it being a software application, it is not. It is "software-based" in that one cannot use it unless they employ a computer with application software installed. The ToolKits are not paper, not books, not audio nor video products. They are software-based tools that mimic TurboTax(R)-like functionality. "Mimic" in that the instruction and information is found at the exact point/time that it is needed. Just like TurboTax(R), this eliminates the necessity of the user ever having to read/know the whole tax code (or the SBIR solicitation rules in this case). With an SBIR-ToolKit, users just accomplish a series of small steps in accordance with the guidance found there, and a GUARANTEED compliant application is produced with the least expenditure of time and effort. However, do not expect to find windows popping open nor vast help file databases to search; these are there, but simply loaded into the text of the templates at the needed points of application. Yes, it is a simple-minded approach, but also a highly effective approach that allows legacy computers and operating systems and non Windows(R) computers to fully use these ToolKits.

No, they are not fancy like Turbo-Tax(R), but they also do not interact with your Windows(R) registry (dangerous in our opinion) either. There is nothing to install and nothing to learn. It is software-based. It is the "meat" found within that has value, not the "sizzle"; we don't sell sizzle. You want sizzle, then go elsewhere; you want to save time energy and improve your SBIR/STTR application's chances of winning, then use our ToolKits. Past users will tell you that using our ToolKit is a no-brainer.